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Le fils et héritier aîné du duc utilise le titre de courtoisie Marquis de Douglas et Clydesdale. Tous les autres titres sont dans la pairie d'Ecosse. En il vendit ses domaines du Lancashire pour Livres. Le titre de duc de Châtellerault, accordé à son lointain ancêtre enet à des moments différents selon par différentes branches de la famille Hamilton, lui a été conféré, par l'empereur des Français en Mariée d'abord en avec Honoré Grimaldi, le futur Albert 1 er, Prince de Monaco, devenue mère de Louis II, mais leur mariage a été déclaré nul en Après leur mariage, le duc et la duchesse de Hamilton vécurent au château de Brodick sur l'île d'Arran.

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Architecture-Studio lead, in collaboration with the Arab World Institute in Paris; it is fair to say that it played a key role in shedding light on some of the young and promising architects in the region, ones who will have influential roles moderne their societies in the near future. Abiding by the competition rules, the ages of the contestants were between 25 and 40, with project natures that ranged between graduation projects, competition entries, projects which were never built, and projects which were implemented and built in reality. One thing that we agreed on from the very start was to pick projects which were strong in both their design and relation with the context, moderne terms of culture and history, taking into consideration the contextual and geophysical dimensions of every project, and how sensitive it was to the society and environment. This attempt is accredited to be the first of its kind in the region, periodically focusing on projects from two continents, when compared to the Aga Khan Award, which works on shedding the light on the Islamic world with all of its knowledge and architecture, personne all continents. If anything, this reflects how this attempt is working personne paving the way for these young architects to one day become Bachaga Khan candidates and even go aigle far as winning the award.